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YCP – Your Creative Production for a data driven era

Today’s marketing has become extremely complex: its’ role has shifted from communicating brand values and benefits to creating personalized and coherent customer experiences across different channels. Customers are well informed and expect more and are ready to switch brands at the click of a button. This new reality is complex and challenging and requires not only new thinking but also a new way of bringing together different disciplines.  

Based on our experience across many clients, we have created a simpler and more cost-effective way of producing marketing campaigns and assets - We call this Customer Centric Creative Production or in a nutshell YCPYCP offers a way of working across different disciplines that is effective, simple and allows to produce and manage more creative material at lower costs. We do this by creating many asset “particles” that are combined on the fly in different channels thus producing an infinite number of personalised assets. Furthermore we “test and learn” on these to ensure that campaigns and assets are as effective as possible. 

The key steps in our workflow are: 

Plan – Define of customer journeys and production requirements  
Create – Adapt creative ideas to different channels and circumstances.
Produce – Produce asset particles.
Distribute – Ensure that the particles get fed into the different Marcom systems responsible for managing each channel.
Evaluate – Review performance at different levels – campaign, channel, asset and asset particle.
Manage – Look after assets once they have been produced. In particular it includes uploading assets into a centralized DAM, tagging them and ensuring that they can be found and reused.

Your advantages:

  • Simple way to large quantities of personalized experiences

  • Cost and time savings for production 

  • Process automation 

  • Integration into existing Marcom landscape (no need to change technical setup)

  • Production of more effective assets

  • Integrative process that helps break down silos

  • Drives and encourages a test and learn mind set

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